Economic Development Updates

New Cumberland fire hall to open soon

Work on the new fire hall in Cumberland is nearing completion, according to the village’s chief administrative officer.

During a discussion at the March 8 council meeting, CAO Clayton Postings outlined a plan to use some of the restart money available from senior governments to the village for the addition of a generator at the fire hall. The funding is to come from the Safe Restart Grant for Local Communities, a joint federal-provincial initiative to help communities respond to COVID-related challenges. A staff report estimates the cost of the generator runs between $60,000 and $80,000. Council approved a motion to spend the restart funding.

The generator is one of two current expenses the village is targeting with the restart money, along with upgrades to the village’s information technology infrastructure. In the case of the generator, the work will help finish off one of the last components of the new home of the Cumberland Fire Department.

“Everything’s all ready to go, other than the generator,” he told council.

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