Living in Cumberland

Recreational Lifestyle

Discover the legendary recreational pursuits that have helped put Cumberland on the map. The Village is nestled between the Island’s best alpine ski destination, a 24-hectare freshwater lake, over 185 kilometres of single-track mountain bike trails and the Strait of Georgia. You’ll always have a reason to don your skis, suits, helmets or boat shoes here.

Dip your toes in the ocean, then head up the slopes—all within an hour. Or trade your bike for a kayak and paddle epic Comox Lake for an afternoon cool down. Test your endurance at the annual trail race, or make history at Canada’s oldest and most popular adventure race. Not tough enough for you? Enter Canada’s toughest off-road triathlon. Whatever your flavour and pace, there’s always a reason to enjoy the outdoors here. Find out more about recreation in Cumberland here.

Vibrant Arts & Culture

With its laid back atmosphere, blue-collar history and funky, inclusive vibe, Cumberland is anything but ordinary. It’s no wonder that so many artists and musicians have flocked to the Village, ready to share their talents with the community. Highlights include the annual Cumberland Wild music festival, Woodstove Festival, Cascadia Poetry Festival, and Winterfaire, as well as packed live music shows at the Waverley Hotel.

Colourful heritage buildings and false fronts dot the streets, signifying Cumberland’s willingness to embrace its storied history. A bustling coal mining community from 1889 to 1966, it saw mining entrepreneurs and their families stream in from across Canada, the US, Europe, China, and Japan. The children and grandchildren of the families who built Cumberland play a large role in keeping its history alive.


The residents of Cumberland are an eclectic and inclusive mix, and they have one important thing in common: their pride in the place they call home. They prove it by showing up to community events like the annual Victoria Day celebration and the weekly Farmers’ Market in droves. On a slow day, you’ll find packed local cafés, bustling parents’ meetings at the school, and standing room only on the brewery patio.

Community for Cumberland means more than just people. It’s about taking a holistic approach to living with our surroundings, including sustainable business practices and growth. The Cumberland Community Forest Society is a prime example of what a community can achieve when it works together. To date, the grassroots organization has purchased 500 acres of surrounding forest and placed it under a conservation covenant to ensure its future protection.

Small Village Feel

Cumberland is connected. Browse the shops for locally crafted goods, and meet their creator at the same time. Drink a digestive tonic made from herbs grown by your neighbour. Watch with pride as your kids make instant friends at a family-friendly festival. People watch from historic pubs frequented by the locals, standing proudly next to the recently built craft brewery, ice cream truck, and taco eatery.  You’ll learn everyone’s first names, and you’ll never need to know their last.

Even though Cumberland is growing, we won’t be changing what made us so unique in the first place: our dedication to local creators, our inclusive community, our quirky streets and our magical forests and watershed. In Cumberland, newcomers feel as welcome as oldtimers, and we intend to keep it that way.