Economic Development Services

The role of the Village’s Economic Development Services is to act as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth by expanding the tax base. We support the local economy and leverage the energy and resources of the private and non-profit sectors.

The Village’s Economic Development Officer’s work builds upon Cumberland’s assets, strengths and opportunities to implement the following strategies:

  1. Investment attraction
  2. Leveraging industrial assets
  3. Supporting the creation of a community development corporation/investment fund
  4. Supporting arts and culture as an economic driver
  5. Expanding accommodation options in the Village
  6. Improvements to the Village core
  7. Creating a more business-friendly environment
  8. Supporting diversification and better packaging of tourism opportunities

Implementation activities also include facilitating the Economic Development Steering Committee whose purpose is to represent the general public, business community and local interest groups, as well as provide input and guidance to the Economic Development Officer.

View the Economic Development Strategy 2018-2023 or learn more about the Village’s economic situation in our Economic Profile

If you have any questions regarding Cumberland’s economic development initiatives, please contact the Village of Cumberland team.