Zoning & Bylaws


The Village of Cumberland Zoning Bylaw regulates:

  • The use of land, buildings and other structures,
  • The density of the use of land, buildings and structures
  • The siting, size and dimensions of buildings and uses that are permitted on the land
  • The location of uses on the land and within buildings and other structures
  • The shape, dimensions and area, including the establishment of minimum and maximum sizes, of all parcels of land that may be created by subdivision


If you’re interested in rezoning a property, find out about applying to the Village to change zoning.

Development Permits

The Village Council considers development permit applications at a public meeting. A development permit must be issued before a building permit or subdivision application can be approved. As part of our Official Community Plan Bylaw, the following are areas for development permits:

  • Residential Infill
  • Residential Multi-Family
  • Mixed Land Use
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Areas
  • Intensive Residential – Carlisle Lane
  • Interchange Lands
  • Environmental Protection
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Farmland Protection

You can view development permit maps in Appendix B of the Official Community Plan Bylaw, and view development permit area guidelines in Part D of the Official Community Plan. For a development permit application and guide, click below.

Official Community Plan Bylaw

An official community plan bylaw is a statement of objectives and policies to guide decision making by Council and staff on planning and land use management. In short, it’s how our local policymakers decide on what goes where, and why.

The Cumberland Official Community Plan Bylaw contains information and policies on:

  • Community vision, goals and objectives
  • Residential growth management
  • Heritage protection
  • Environmental preservation
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Parks and greenways
  • General design guidelines

Need More Information?

For further information of development permits and applications and zoning bylaw requirements, please contact the Cumberland Planning Department at planning@cumberland.ca.