Social Procurement

Why Social Procurement?

Over the last thirty years, environmental movements have made great strides emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. This has led to the mainstreaming of environmental considerations in government procurement.

The Village of Cumberland has developed a Social Procurement Framework to guide purchasing by the Municipality. This framework leverages existing purchasing to achieve social value. Our aim is “to move from doing no harm, to doing some good.”

Social procurement seeks to leverage tax dollars to:

  • Achieve broad societal goals
  • Increase equality and diversity
  • Contribute to improved community wellbeing through the blending of social, environmental and economic considerations in the procurement process

Social procurement blends financial and social considerations in public sector purchasing to deliver against two bottom lines:

  1. A commitment to purchasing the best value services and products, in keeping with the MEAT criteria, the Most Economically Advantageous Tender.
  2. A commitment to leverage limited public resources to achieve strategic community outcomes.

What Guides Social Procurement in Cumberland?

Through our Social Procurement process, we will continue to meet all the principles of fairness, integrity, accountability and transparency, while also screening for transformational opportunities to improve social outcomes.

As with other procurement frameworks, the Social Procurement Framework evaluates criteria on the basis of quality, price, and environmental considerations. The fourth element, social considerations, evaluates factors such as living wages, diversity, local jobs and opportunities, social inclusion, community arts and infrastructure, public spaces, social innovation, and independence and social inclusion for citizens living with disabilities.

To read the entire Social Procurement Framework, click the link below.

Bids and Tenders

For those interested in working with The Village of Cumberland, Bid and Tender Opportunities are regularly posted on the Village website. You can also sign up to receive notifications of new bid and tender opportunities via email.