Employment Landscape

What Makes Cumberland Attractive

The Village of Cumberland is distinct from other nearby communities. Our working class history and small town atmosphere all contribute to the uniqueness of Cumberland. Our residents know that Cumberland is a good place for those who appreciate a slower, less complicated lifestyle to plant roots.

Our community is profoundly connected to the outdoors, and values businesses that work with our community and environment equally.

Projected Employment Growth

At current absorption rates, the demand for employment land in the region will significantly exceed the supply in the near future. Cumberland contains the largest supply of vacant designated industrial land in the Comox Valley as well as the greatest amount of designated lands for new residential and employment growth in the region.

A Growing Population

The population of the Village has surged over the past decade and on average, Cumberland residents are younger and have higher earning potential and educational achievements than the rest of the region.

As of the 2021 census, most of the labour force was employed in healthcare and social assistance (17.6%); construction (10.2%); professional, scientific and technical services (9.8%); public administration (9%); retail trade (7.6%);  and educational services (7%) .