Doing Business in Cumberland

Looking to Make a Positive Impact?

You’ve come to the right place. Here, environmental sustainability is highly valued, and businesses work with nature instead of depleting it. The Village boasts a vibrant and diverse business community, strong support from local and regional governments, access to major transportation routes, a growing population and a highly educated workforce.

We’re looking for businesses that support our vision: a thriving, resilient and diversified economy based on industries and businesses that are compatible with community values and provide jobs to residents. If that sounds like your business, this is where you’ll find support navigating the Village’s various licences, forms and applications, as well as zoning regulations and bylaws.


Mission & Core Values

The Village of the future has a thriving, resilient and diversified economy based on industries and businesses that are compatible with community values and providing jobs to residents.

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Employment Landscape

Cumberland residents are younger and have higher earning potential and educational achievements than the rest of the region. Find out what makes the Village so appealing.

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Social Procurement

The Village has developed a Social Procurement Framework for local government purchasing. Our aim is "to move from doing no harm, to doing some good."

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Zoning & Bylaws

Cumberland’s zoning and bylaws are investor and developer-friendly. Find out everything you need to know about our OCP, how the Village is zoned, and how to apply for permits.

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Cumberland is the savvy entrepreneur's dream. Lifestyle, high-speed internet, deep connections and sustainable innovations mean you belong here.

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Business License Applications

We’re here to support business owners and entrepreneurs launch or expand their businesses in Cumberland. See how we can help you with business licences, forms and applications.

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A Village of Opportunity

Whether you’re looking to start a business, expand your existing business or relocate to a vibrant and forward-looking community, Cumberland is the right place.

Competitive Advantages

Cumberland’s booming population, short distance to major transportation routes and business-friendly local and regional governments make it the ideal location for your business.

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Future-Focused Industries

Does your business support our vision of a sustainable, diversified and community-focused economy? Find out which industries the Village is looking to partner with.

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Living in Cumberland

Whether you’re looking to start a family, build a business, explore endless trails, or establish roots in a vibrant community, you’re in the right place. Come see for yourself.

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