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Cumberland, B.C. is Hip to Growth in Douglas Magazine

“When Douglas sent writer Andrew Findlay to find out what makes Cumberland cool, we could have predicted his article would become one of the most-read pieces ever on our site. The tiny town whose downtown you could walk in 15 minutes is a prime example of what happens when you put local first. It’s packed with businesses unique to the area, including a brewhouse that’s making a name for itself across the country.

Andrew’s article profiles several of the people and businesses that make up the unique personality of Cumberland. He also described the community in February 2019 as at a crossroads “as it ponders how to maintain the quaint heritage character and access to recreation that is its calling card. Core issues involve how to manage the influx of people and how to avoid bland suburban sprawl of the available land on its outskirts and around the Inland Island Highway interchange.””


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