Competitive Advantages

Strong Village Identity

Cumberland is attracting a lot of new, young residents. It is growing faster and attracting a much younger population than anywhere else in the region. Cumberland’s reputation has also supported the attraction of businesses consistent with local values, and is part of “Cumberland” branded exports out of the community.


Employment lands

Cumberland has the capacity to accommodate growth in employment land demand over the coming decades. If absorption rates continue at their current status, the demand for employment land across the Comox Valley will significantly exceed the supply in the near future. Read more about potential employment land projects.


Downtown Cumberland has authentic and unique historical and architectural character. Our community is proud of its downtown core, and future development projects should ideally conform with the Village’s expectations.


Cumberland is a growing tourist destination, but it is dominated by low-spending day visitation. Local accommodation and associated services that can generate high-spending overnight stays are in high demand. In addition, the downtown core represents an opportunity to attract hotels, as well as other tourism and accommodation-related businesses to Cumberland.

Business Friendliness

Cumberland’s tax rates for business, light industry, major industry, and recreation/non-profit are some the lowest in the region.

Economic Development Plans

Cumberland’s Economic Development office is looking forward to working with partners who share our goals, including:

  • The preservation of the historic look and feel of the Village
  • Small town vibes, friendliness, diversity, creativity and hard work
  • Improved infrastructure, economic development and social well-being
  • Continuing to serve as a mecca for outdoor recreation and cultural events
  • A thriving, resilient and diversified local economy

Read our 2018-2023 Economic Development Strategy here.